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Really enjoyed my first playthrough. I'm not at all familiar with filipino folklore so this was a fascinating glimpse into a different culture (definitely going to hunt down the book recommended).

I was a bit uncertain at first how to narrate parts of the game - whether I should just talk aloud to myself, write it down, or just mentally figure things out - but decided to write small entries for each test and enjoyed the experience of discreet writing prompts.

My favorite aspect is definitely how underpowered I felt at every junction. There are not enough games that leverage helplessness in interesting thematic ways and I like that my character feels small and fragile compared to the forest around them.

Definitely going to have to play through again. Maybe I'll make it out this time.

Thank you so much for playing Nate! I'm taking note on yr feedback, that's a really good point ❤️

How far did you get and what kind of ending did you "unlock"? :) 

Many people have made it to the end but I haven't yet haha! 

I made it to the second to last encounter, where you face the brothers, and my soul encounter went down to exactly zero which felt very poetic.

I got the ending where the Duwende take me, which I interpreted as being made into a giant tree on the forest's edge where I could watch over those who came next. big props for managing to be so evocative without a ton of text. it's something I'm working on with my own writing and appreciated.