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 really love this game,even I only got the chance to play the beginning of it,I'm a guy form Asia so there's seriously a little chance for me to play a gay's game like this one,it's give me a whole lot of new experience..but there's a small problem I said"I only got the chance to play the beginning of the game",it was because when I process the story at some point(like when the charactar first move in and need to decide who to ask for help or frist time meet Marvin and decide what to do)the screen will became white and crash later....I don't know it was because maybe the game can't support the PC which used other language or what,but I really hope maybe you can fix it at some point.

and again really appreciate you work here...good luck on the future updates..and hope one day maybe it could play by more people

Thank you so much for your nice comment! 

I'm really sorry that the game crashes like that. Does it give you some sort of an error window or anything? Or does the program just go white and freeze? I will look into this and do my best to fix it, so that more people can enjoy the game no matter where they are :). 

Thank you again for your kind words and for bringing this to my attention, I really appreciate it! Hope you have a great day :) 

Thanks for your reply!well I’m not an expert at I’m afraid I can’t tell you what’s going on precisely,but I can tell you that the screen went white like the soft is not respond to pc but without any hit it’s just I suppose there’s no error window or anything...and my reply here becomes lang...again 

Anyway,hope you can fix it soon, and hope it won’t take too much free time of yours .look forward to your answer (I’m not petty sure if”answers”will be the right word here)and really excited for the day you complete the game...Maybe I could help you translate your game into Chinese and Japanese oneday 

And (sorry for all this questions)have you ever considered get your game on steam? I mean if one game get on steam it basically means that people around the world could play it right?(and it can also made up for your free time too!