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I love this game. It made me feel very nostalgic, cause of the apartment complex, but this isn't really for exploring, wich is sad. You can go on top of the roof, and look at some more buildings in the distance, but if you go outside of the complex you meet invisible walls, and you can see the buildings mentioned floating in ther air, and you can see that it's only one side. There are also floating trees, and trees lying down in the air. Everything is physics based which i love, but that also creates some bugs. you can easily clip through walls. I accidentally did it (SPOLIER WARNING) in the office, and failed. I don't really understand how you would otherwise fail. Back to the good things again. I love that there is music and sound effects to make the world feel alive, and that even though you can hear people, you can't see them. It makes you feel depressed like the protagonist is. The ending is also satisfying. There was also some russian even though i have the english version. After every dream, and the letter from the publishers.