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Looks great, but I can't get it working on Linux for some reason.


Did you install it through the extensions tab inside Preferences?

I have no experience with Linux, so I have to be honest I can't give you much expertise here. :) 

Yes, I read the instructions and did exactly that. Everything just flashes black for 0.5 of a second and changes back to normal. I set the zip file to read and write just Incase but that didn’t help. I don’t mind the default theme anyway so it’s no worry. Some people who use Aseprite might be starting to use Linux soon though since Win 7 lost support, but it’s probably a very small number of people who will happen to use Linux, use Aseprite and want a black theme.

Thanks for replying though!

My suggestion would be to try and tweet out at the Aseprite handle, they reply fast.
If anyone would know what the issue would be it should be them :D