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My suggestion would be to try and tweet out at the Aseprite handle, they reply fast.
If anyone would know what the issue would be it should be them :D

Did you install it through the extensions tab inside Preferences?

I have no experience with Linux, so I have to be honest I can't give you much expertise here. :) 

It has been changed now, so if you redownload the latest version it should be changed! :)

I changed it to be roughly 14px tall where before it was about 8px tall. 

I don't know but I'll look into it :D 

Time to put this to the test! been looking forward to it

Yes eventually!
Need to get my mac up and running again.
I'll see if I can make it happen in the near future! <3

Duckdate a1.4

A minor fix.

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Duckdate a1.3

Hello! Ninja Duck has news!

I has fixed minor things, mostly Triggers and People who don't speak when I say you should speak! silly people!

Speedrun timer also stop now! when you...
Well eventually it just stops! 

you have fun! thanks for help!

So I love Speed runs and this game was made with that in mind, and I want to tune things towards that as well.
One of my game design notes was I want the first playthrough to be around 1-2 hours, and a speed run to be around 5-15 min.

I look forward to see you share your scores!

It's about the Journey community · Created a new topic Bugs

I have a big list of bugs already, but perhaps you may come across one that I haven't found yet, so you can always post it in here :)

- Love, Mort <3

I love him! <3