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Dear InnerSloth, all the players from Among Us are confused by Servers crashing like: "Forcibility disconnect from the server" and "Revalible packets" and when a player disconnect, appears his name and other name on the screen, but the other player isn't in the room, we would be happy if you could explain this to us and fix this...

Thank you so much for creating this Amazing game!

PS: And so many players are worried about "The end of Among Us" because they don't want to Among Us end, they want to Keep Playing, so, all of us would be happy if you could explain this with more details about "the servers of Among Us will be running at least 2021 or a probably longer" to us this is called "The end of Among Us"

Please Explain to us about the servers crashing and "The end of Among Us"...

Don't worry about "the end of Among Us". We are not ending Among Us. But we are moving on to create new games. There are just three of us making Among Us, and we can't work on it forever, but we want you all to keep playing as long as you want to.

"Forcibly disconnected from the server" and "Reliable Packets" are errors, not crashes. Sometimes player connections are at fault, but I will try to reduce these problems while I'm still updating Among Us.

We will keep the servers running normally until at least 2021. It's hard to promise longer than that, but we will likely run them longer than that. We will announce if we are stopping the servers and provide some alternative.

The servers sometimes have issues. I have fixed it this time, and I will always attempt to fix it as fast as I can.

But... i don't understand... what will happen when 2021 comes...? and how we going to play...?

Ps: there are my last questions ;)

Let's wait until 2021 to figure that out. :)

Until then, you can play Among Us normally.


I hope you guys will maintain the server alot lot looootttt longer please! I only recently get to know this game and i want to support you guys by purchasing in game items. please.

is it possible to run private servers? that would take a lot of load out of your servers