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Great game, but a couple of suggestions.

Could you maybe make a Low Detail mode for slower computers? Mine only as an i5 processor and no graphics card so the game runs prety slow for me.

Also, the lift lengths! Argh! They are so short compared to the map you provide. Pls increase the gondola length to 800m at least, to cover a big more map without having 3 gondolas to reach the other side of the map.

Speaking of lifts, you could also join lifts. Say if there are two resorts, you can join up the middle lift station so people from both resorts get off at that lift station.

Also, snow parks. Jumps etc would be cool to see in the future... But mostly the lift length. Quite Annoying and unrealistic to have lots of lifts...

On the note of realism, maybe make a career mode, where you only have a certain amount of time to get a certain amount of skiers, you have a budget, can set costs of lift prices etc. (i could go on all day)

Great game, cant wait do download/buy the full version!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback and for playing the game. We still have a lot to do to balance the game and data such as lift length. It depends on other stuff we still have to implement. A lot will change before early access.

Stay tune to get the full version!