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Hey man, I did my full 10-minute review during my Twitch Stream tonight (, but I'm going to summarize what I said during my review:

Art: Executed very well. I could easily what everything was during gameplay.

Animations and Controls: Very simple and on-point. Could move with ease.

Overall gameplay: This is my only con - the one-button control causes the player to just sit back and watch rather than actually playing. The level design just lacked a bit of a challenge on my part. I just wished you could have incorporated the theme a lit more by adding a reward or upgrade after each player death (for example).

Sounds and Music: Very well done. I was definitely in a industrial setting. 

Hope this review helps your team grow!

Thanks for the review.  Yeah, time got the best of me.  Was going to add a level where you had to time shots or place objects.  Also, thanks for the follow.