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Played with my daughters and had a great time building rafts then drowning. Giant donuts a must to include on any raft. Fantastic concept, would love to see it expanded. It might be nice to have more time to build the raft before the flood comes.

7yo's comments: It's very fun and very funny, and when your raft just goes sweeping away from you and you fall off, that's very funny. You have to go swimming all the way back. I liked making the raft because it's cool to make a raft. The first time we played our raft was like a crate and then a branch sticking out, and then a surfboard and a little lifesaver thing and it was very funny. I wouldn't change anything about this game. I also love the art, it's a very nice style. Oh yeah, and I like that you can wave your arms up and down!

6yo's comments: The giant donuts, I sometimes actually jump on them, and then I fall off. And drown. I like the little ducks because it looks like they're in a little rain jacket.

Glad you had fun with it! Thanks for checking it out and for the great feedback - it put a big smile on my face :)