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Yep, should work fine. If you have trouble, try using DS4Windows

Thanks for playing! Glad to see you enjoyed it :)

Glad you enjoyed it :D

Aaaaah, it's so great to see a playthrough with some multiplayer action! Really glad to see you both having fun, thanks for checking it out :)

Thanks for the feedback! Online multiplayer would indeed be a significant undertaking, so it's not on the cards right now -- but who knows what the future holds?

Thanks for checking it out, I really enjoyed watching your playthrough! :)

A Mac build has been added to the list of downloads. Enjoy!

Unfortunately multiplayer is only supported with multiple gamepads -- the keyboard game mode is for solo play only (right now, at least). Sorry! :(

I've just added a Mac build of the game to the downloads list. Happy rafting :)

Just added one! I don't have a Mac on which to test it, so do let me know if you run into any problems :)

The downloads have been updated to include a Mac build of the game!

The game has a keyboard input mode (for solo players) -- no mouse required :)

Sure thing! Keyboard support has now been added. If there are no gamepads plugged in, the game will run in single player with the keyboard (and the button prompts will reflect the new controls).

Enjoy! :)

Glad you had fun with it! Thanks for checking it out and for the great feedback - it put a big smile on my face :)

What a fun playthrough! Thanks for checking it out :)

Great review, really fun to watch! Thanks for trying it out!

Really enjoyable play-through, thanks for trying it out!

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Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking it out, and for the video review -- it was a fun watch and contained a bunch of helpful feedback.