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Hey Cheeseness do u know when there is going to be more research? i beat the game was amazing and had all research and when't to do a new hive and no new research.

Hi hi! At this stage, let's say no. For now, we see the end-game as giving room for pursuing player-driven goals (like trying to spawn a new Queen with the smallest hive possible, trying to have as many simultaneous Queens as possible, never upgrading anything except the Workshop, etc.) or building elaborate/interesting shaped hives. Both of these are where I found the most fun in management sims like the original SimCity, which provided a lot of inspiration for Hive Time.

The Royal Decrees upgrade also gives some potentially interesting gameplay variations for each successive Queen (a Queen that halves wax production is going to require a different approach to building a new hive, and a Queen that reduces Beesitter efficiency requires a different approach to finding population balances).

If you're interested in seeing the type of post-release content we are considering, you can read about our plans here.

Hope that helps!