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You don't need full points; you are very close! You might look much earlier in the game for another clue.

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Thanks, I found the entrance to SQ3. What about the IA Bar? Btw. Great Game - enjoyed it very much!

Let me guess... Another clue might be on the planet Labion? If so, is it in the dark tunnel?

No, much earlier......

My guess is that you either have to smell or lick something to actually hear these 'accoustic' clues... What do they actually sound like?

Yes, it sounds like SQ3

I've found the Easter Egg, and I've reached a maximum of 315 points! I wish that I could have a chance to play with the cockpit, like in the original game... Maybe the IQ team will make a surprise in version 2.1 ;)

Hahah, probably not.  I threw the SQ3 Easter Egg in on my own in my spare time, and still didn't have time to finish up everything I wanted to about it.  I'll leave making SQ3 up to another team, for sure.  Glad you found everything.


Hi BT! Thanks for the SQ3-part! What about the hidden IA-Bar? No chance to enter? HELP!