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(0.12.9) Bug Feature: Priorities

How to kill all your crew in 3 easy steps:

  1. Expand your station, make sure everyone is busy with important tasks.
  2. <meanwhile> Toilet becomes fully filled with... content. </meanwhile>
  3. Thats it, game over. Everyone dies of diarrhea because f****** nobody wants to clean it up anymore and prefers just to wait in line until their a** explodes :O

love it :D

I'll deal with it this week (I hope :D)


Ok, so here's how they will act soon :)

So, I'll adjust units so they will not take jobs requiring them to wait for something. 
Also, units will get temporary statuses affecting their stats. So, units will be able to hold IT in for longer, but they will get debufs to walking speed & device operation speed, then if they'll still not be able to relieve themselves, instead of dying, they will leave THE PACKAGE (wherever they'd be standing if inside, or filling in their suit if outside), getting massive debuff for himself  (shame on you, Unit) and moderate debuff for anyone passing by what's left, untill it's cleared.
All of those debuffs will wear of with time.


It's done :)
As of v0.12.11 unit will still wait, but instead of dying he will do what he must on the floor.
All units in range of 3 tiles will get disguisted by that fact and have temporary debuff to movement speed. (In the future that would be replaced with debuff to happines/morale, but that one doesn't exist yet)