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Hi Konoi, I guess you are playing on Windows right? The default language is English, but it seems that this feature is working only on mobile devices, Mac and Linux. We have discovered this issue recently and we are working to fix it, sorry about that.

About the full screen, I would recommend playing like that, but I will release the option to play on window mode and choose the ratio.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, we will upload an updated Windows version that fixes these issues as soon as possible.

Okay, thank you!

Yes, I'm playing on Windows. I don't know about mobile devices, but yeah, I guess me having a computer bought in Spain and set to spanish makes the game to start in the same language as the device, by default.

I may wait for the updated demo before playing. The language thing, okay, I could do with it since I understand spanish, obviously - and it would be only for the intro anyway. But the stretched image really bothers me.

Anyway, thank you for your quick answer! I'll stay tuned for updates!

Hi Konoi. We have already updated the Windows version. If you find more issues or you would like that we work on other improvements, please tell us ;)