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The tutorial is REALLY fucking annoying, made me stop playing the game which otherwise seemed pretty good. The tutorial is unnecessarily long, boring, and the text is sooo slow and explains how to do things so unnecessarily detailed and like the player is really dumb. I can't find ANY WAY to skip this introduction (which explains things like you've never played a game before), and when i died i was thrown out of the game and had to start the tutorial all over again, so i just gave up on it.

My suggestions: 1) make the tutorial skippable, make the tutorial shorter and 2) let the players go at their own pace (for example don't force the player to wait for the slow ass text to finish crawling to the end of the sentence before they can progress in the goddamn tutorial. You should make it so that players can press a button to make the whole sentence finish instantly, so that they don't have to wait for the dialoge, like in pokemon), most players already knows how a game works and will only need a quick pop-up message saying which buttons are used for switching weapon, controlling weapon and and the objective of the game, and then they are set and will fully understand the game, or learn as they play. Also, whilst in the tutorial, most players won't be paying attention to their health bar, so if a player dies in the tutorial they should not be thrown out to the menu screen, they should just respawn at last checkpoint.

I love the mechanics of this game and will probably come back and go through the annoying tutorial just so i can play the game itself at some point, but i felt that this was very important to say, as new players often aren't as patient.

Sorry for the aggression and good luck onwards, the game seems promising :)

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Thanks for the feedback. The tutorial has had some significant updates and now includes checkpoints and a speed-up hotkey that can be used to skip through the messages. I also took on board your suggestion to speed up the gun's reload time and you were dead right. It feels much better now even though it technically does no additional damage per second.

Maybe you could download again and let me know if this solved your issues and I'll keep in mind your other points of feedback for later updates.

Update 1 & 2 Notes: https://itch.io/t/60660/updates-1-2-released-update-notes