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Thanks so much for playing the game, and doubly so for taking the time to make a video commentary! As a small team we don't get a ton of feedback, so it really means a lot to us to see the kinds of things people notice as they play through the game. I watched the whole thing tonight and I've shared it with the rest of the dev team so they can see too

We hope to be working on a patch for this soon and we'll definitely be fixing some of the things you guys mentioned. I know for sure that sprite placement for when and where the characters appear on the screen will be revisited. Portraits for off screen characters are a really good idea!

Thanks again! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. Be sure to check out our other VNs too if you get the chance! We'd love to hear from you.

thanks for checking out the vid! a lot of the nitpicks we had were mistakes we made in our first VN, so im glad the ramblings will help in some way lol!  good to hear you're committed to supporting the game after release. speaking of, i forgot to mention in the vid, but a credit crawl at the end would be nicer than instantly going back to the title screen.

and indie hunters is always looking to play more cool VNs, so dont be surprised if we check out sugawara chronicle sometime. until then, godspeed with OLWBTS and sugawara's developments!