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I loved the game. it was an awesome experience. But there are two things i just DON'T get. First of all, why is Elaine so cautious around us (the hunter) ? and sometimes even a little bit rude like i could sense she didn't like us but i didn't do anything wrong sometimes i even felt like we got along pretty well with her. and second, why does Fiero not like us too ? XD i can't help but wonder what he didn't like about me. i gave Elaine a pass cuz she has the right to be cautious. But Fiero isn't even cautious when he's around i feel like he knows i won't try anything funny but for some reason still dislikes me. so i told myself while playng finn's route that maybe he would soften a little towards me but it only got worse XD the dude became even creepier. please enlighten me in the comments. 

Oh i also have another question, i know it's starting to get annoying but please bear with me. '^_^ are some cgs loched on purpose ? because i can't seem to unlock all of them for every chracter there are always 4 cgs that stay locked. I just wanted to know if there was a possibility to unlock them and if there is, how ? thank you in advance

You're fine, we love questions, and thank you for playing! 

- Elaine is absolutely intended to be a little rude. Remember that both her and Omen aren't from 'our' world, but Omen has been in Lunaris a lot longer than her, hence why he's a little more well-adapted. Elaine has only been there a few weeks, months at most, and she doesn't quite understand how to act around humans just yet. She's also used to being treated like royalty back home, so she's trying, but it'll take a bit longer for her to fully adjust! 

- Fiero is an empath, so he tends to be very, very closed off with his emotions as when he's around humans he feels every little thing they're feeling, including the bad things like unease, dread, fear. He absolutely doesn't dislike the Hunter (if their intentions are good!) but he's also not willing to trust them 100% until he knows them a little better. He's specifically protective of Finn because he knows how open with his feelings his friend can be. Of course, if the Hunter chooses to side with Harry/pledges to take the potion at the end of the game, Fiero's caution was correct. 

- Regarding the CGs, any remaining slots left after you've completed each romance aren't unlockable. The system we used to code the game was very basic and that was just the way the gallery was set up! 

Thank you for your reply it was very helpful!