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Hi! Thank you for making this game!
I would have a couple questions, if you don't mind.

I watched a let's play of it, and there were scenes (well, a couple lines) not included in the version I downloaded... it would make sense to think that was an update, but I literally downloaded this two weeks ago for the first time, and the playthrough was posted earlier than that...

Is there any way to get access to that content now if it was removed?

Is there going to be a sequel? (Shawn and Felicia being named despite only appearing briefly made me curious. If there is ever going to be one, are they going to be featured in it?)

And this might be a silly question, but do the main characters have official heights?


Ahh, I removed/replaced those lines since they either felt out of place, unnecessary, or because of other changes made in other parts of the story. As it is now, it probably won't have any other edits in the story.

As for a sequel, there is something we've been working on. But won't be ready for quite some time.

And the heights, no official ones. (But small boy shall remain the shortest.)