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How do you save a game? I can't save a game and it is prone to crashing at some point, I had a good session then it crashed and I had to restart again

Hi there. Thanks for playing The Lost Colony, I'm sorry about the crash - at present there is no way to save the game due to the fact that the game is subject to big design changes that would make saves useless! 

There will be a big update on the 30th of January, and the update after that should come with a proper save system. 


okay wonderful! Thank you! If you need any ideas on the story and game itself I'm a writer and I know a lot about Norse mythology. I also messaged the Lost Colony Instagram page asking the same thing here lol. But thanks for letting me know! I'm happy there is a save feature in the future😊

Oh! That's awfully kind of you. I'll let you know if I ever come to that stage properly in the future. 

Re insta: Sorry. I'm kind of awful at checking and updating the Instagram/social media in general. Something I need to work on.. maybe it should be my new years resolution!

Be sure to check out the new update coming out at the end of January, I'm always keen to hear what people think of the game so far, and to know what they'd like to see in the future!


will do! I'll download it as soon as it comes out!😊 Happy New Year as well!🎉