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I use the Yanfly Item Synthesis plug-in. I like it!

I hide recipes in dungeons, and they cost a lot, so players can discover them, and dump excess gold; then they have to find a stove in town (or in a house in the middle of nowhere) to make stuff.

I'm so excited you're continuing to work on Wayfarers! Love the map changes! :D


Oh awesome! I actually got Yanfly's Full Collection bundle about a month ago since I already use a good amount of his plugins. However there are so many I haven't had the time to really look through what each one does. Turns out that Item Synthesis one is in there as well. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks! Map layouts are one of the hardest things for me on Wayfarers. I'd much rather be writing random NPC dialogue and figuring out event commands than do them. Haha.


I'm the same!—when I'm RPG Makering, I love writing and eventing way more than mapping. I think that's what attracted me to Wayfarers; I love good game writing!