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Hello Jonathan,

I want to program games for the huge and growing Commodore 64 fan community, but assembler is to hard for me.  Im searching for a C64 game maker and so i´m here.

Your tool looks great, do you have plans for the Commodore 64 to?

Best regards from Austria.


Yes, hopefully.  I'm looking for someone to convert the engine and compiler to the C64.  I can write the Windows graphics editors and output the data given the specifications.  We already have compilers and engines for 6502 machines so hopefully someone will step forward.  There is a thread over at Lemon 64 if you would like to post there and let the C64 community know how much you would like to see this happen.


Maybe you should inform crew at Mega65 about this exciting project. It seems that people are pretty much active there (and in search for software tools for that platform).
Mega65 should be released this year iirc, and it should be downward compatible to C64. Think about it like Spectrum Next vs classic Speccy.
Links: , forum (games & apps subsection
Thank you for your efforts.

Best regards