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Maybe you should inform crew at Mega65 about this exciting project. It seems that people are pretty much active there (and in search for software tools for that platform).
Mega65 should be released this year iirc, and it should be downward compatible to C64. Think about it like Spectrum Next vs classic Speccy.
Links: , forum (games & apps subsection
Thank you for your efforts.

Best regards

Thank you!
As I said somewhere, this is remarkable example how IF game should be done. Very, very balanced, beautifully described, interesting to read and to play... 
This is why that detail itches me: it is slightly out of balance of perfect game.
Thank you again and Merry Xmas, Hanuka... and Happy New Year, not just that one! ;)

Really great game, in every aspect.
I have only one complaint:
"OPEN TOILET" - really??? It is wrong by any means: contextually, by logic, by syntax.
It is flusher, not toilet; your alter ego is avoiding any use of this toilet - it is described as one from "Trainspotting". I stucked there and almost abort playing: beside that it sounds disgusting, I knew what I had to do, but trying to guess with "use screwdriver with  flush", "open flush", "push handle" etc becomes annoying.
Please, fix it if possible!