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hi i found this randomly (because i love horror dating sims) and i absolutely adore this game. the writing was simply beautiful, to put it lightly, and the characters were just wonderful. everything about this felt very real and soft and comforting and i sincerely thank you for releasing this for the world to enjoy, because i'm definitely going to be replaying it time and time again. yiestol is by far my favorite, so an extra special thank you for him! 

i wish you so much luck on any future ventures you choose to take (if any at all) and just know that you have my full support on any of them. <3

Hi there! I'm so sorry for how long it's taken us to reply, but I wanted to thank you so much for this lovely review. I'm so glad we could create a game that could bring some comfort and replay value for you! That's especially high praise for a visual novel type game. Thank you so much for giving our game a chance and for taking the time to comment to us!

We're currently formulating plans for our next game, so we hope we can share something interesting in the future!