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I really liked the concept, design, and aesthetics. Gameplay timing and balance could use some tuning. Your postmortem write-up stated you were aiming for 8-minute playthroughs, but it seems I am getting through playthroughs in about 3-4 minutes instead. Could it be an issue tied to processor speed affecting game timing? If so, it's needless to say that things feel a little *too* rushed, and it's impossible to take the time to enjoy the effort you've put into the animation and visual design details.


  • Runs too fast
  • Mood has no effect on work efficiency (you can just ignore sleep, fitness, social and get 95% overwhelmingly positive)
  • Bills are not being deducted from cash balance
  • Can't type a custom name or game name at start

Hey kurib big thanks for the feedback! Just released a patch which should fix a bunch of the issues that you saw. One of the biggest was that I changed the way that I was calculating the days passed. Originally I was doing it off tick, now its done off a looping timed function which I think fixed a bunch of things! Thanks for playing!