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Hi lyoneel! Thanks for your thoughts. If you weren't aware, the game was made on Linux :)

Just to make sure there are no false expectations, we consider Hive Time to be a finished product. There'll be some patches and updates as time goes on, but it's probably best to not assume that there will be any dramatic changes.

For now, difficulty is best found by embracing voluntary constraints (building a hive with no defences, accumulating 600 jelly without ever researching jelly production, building a hive but never allowing your population to go above 60 bees, etc.) or from the negative effects provided by future queens after researching the Royal Decrees upgrade.

Hope that helps!

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I didnt think in Royal Decrees. Good point.

Did you plan a steam release?

Thanks for you quick reply.

No plans for a Steam release. For now, I am committed to the pay-what-you-want model and that's not something that Steam offers.

I also prefer Itch in that it allows people to buy/download games without making an account (which is what seems to be the barrier to entry for people who prefer Steam).