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wait wait wait i got interested on how'd you code one of these so i inspected the page and i think i found something?

<<if $ending_counter is 1>>

<small>(This is where the game diverges into two routes. <<if ($ending_kipling is true) or ($ending_solipsism is true)>>You followed Alma's route last time, so why not try the [[brother route|Brother biography]]?<<else>>You followed the brother's route last time, so why not try [[Alma's route|Alma biography]]?<<endif>>)</small><<endif>>

at the beginning it looks like it sets $ending_counter to 0, and overpet, abel, solipsism, kipling, and recursion to false, so it couldn't be anything like a default "setting" like i suggested before (i'm not the best at code terms). however, it uses an if/else statement, in which it assumes you had previously gotten past the part in which you chose a route. if you've gotten the kipling or solipsism route show [message], else show [the other message]. however, for the "overpet" ending, it's an early bad ending and you never choose a route and the code goes to "else", which is "You followed the brother's route last time". it's a small bug that's not that big of a deal, so sorry for like… being a nerd or something. but also not sorry, because i'm a nerd and i had a lot of fun figuring this out! :>

Ahh I see what happened here. Good catch! I'll push a patch in a couple days. Thank you so much for your great comments!