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hello! i just finished getting all the endings and i wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed it! the writing was absolutely fantastic, and all the art that appeared every now and again had me staring at the screen for minutes (though often simple, the style and colors were just… wow). it was really interesting to read about the dynamic of the relationship to their brother and the ex. all in all, it was such a engaging story wrapped up in words and art that really gave it life. sorry if this review isn't very good. i actually just made my account to leave this comment, and i haven't reviewed many things before. it was just really good. i agree with DragonExplosion that there could be things that would further enhance the experience, but there's already so much here that's just so good??? i'm kind of fumbling around with my vocabulary to find the right words to say about this.

but anyway! apart from that, i believe i may have found a glitch, so i wished to inform you of this also! the first ending i got was "Not Good with Animals", and when i rewound to find the rest, i got a note that said something along the lines of "here is where the story splits. since you went down the brother's route last time, why not try Alma's?" (i really can't remember exactly). it never appeared again after that, and i technically hadn't gone down the brother's route yet, so i assume it wasn't supposed to appear. i'm thinking it may be something with a variable? i imagine that's how'd you would store which route they (the player) went down first. perhaps it's default is set to "brother" and it was just never written over? i'm not really sure how you coded this exactly. my brain is just running on overdrive and i keep thinking excessively. sorry! anyway, amazing game!

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wait wait wait i got interested on how'd you code one of these so i inspected the page and i think i found something?

<<if $ending_counter is 1>>

<small>(This is where the game diverges into two routes. <<if ($ending_kipling is true) or ($ending_solipsism is true)>>You followed Alma's route last time, so why not try the [[brother route|Brother biography]]?<<else>>You followed the brother's route last time, so why not try [[Alma's route|Alma biography]]?<<endif>>)</small><<endif>>

at the beginning it looks like it sets $ending_counter to 0, and overpet, abel, solipsism, kipling, and recursion to false, so it couldn't be anything like a default "setting" like i suggested before (i'm not the best at code terms). however, it uses an if/else statement, in which it assumes you had previously gotten past the part in which you chose a route. if you've gotten the kipling or solipsism route show [message], else show [the other message]. however, for the "overpet" ending, it's an early bad ending and you never choose a route and the code goes to "else", which is "You followed the brother's route last time". it's a small bug that's not that big of a deal, so sorry for like… being a nerd or something. but also not sorry, because i'm a nerd and i had a lot of fun figuring this out! :>

Ahh I see what happened here. Good catch! I'll push a patch in a couple days. Thank you so much for your great comments!