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Thanks for trying it out, and I love the detailed feedback!

> My chief complaint is that the gravity did not feel "always-on". It's easily reproducible -- if I stepped onto a platform tile essentially right as the platform left, my headset would be left hanging in space, without falling and with the freedom to step back.

Hmm! There are two possibilities here.

Either it's the normal threshold for how far you can move out from a platform before you fall. This threshold is fairly large so that people don't fall just by leaning out to peek downwards, and it's really hard to fix in a reliable way when I can only estimate where the feet are based on the headset position and rotation.

Or, if it's only happening in specific circumstances then it might be some bug I'm not aware of. After you've stepped onto a platform tile right as it left, is your movement following the platform or staying in place? I'm not sure if I'll be able to fully understand without a video showing what you mean, but I'll try my best.

> The art assets seemed to get a little repetitive. I wonder if perhaps a next segment could feel like going "deeper into the temple", while maintaining the same gameplay.

Yeah I want to do something about that. :)

I'll try out some things myself, but in case you have specific thoughts about ways in which the environment could change, I'd also love to hear that!

> Is it worth another art asset to have a similarly themed controller, or perhaps the option for a hand?

Plans are a bit open here but I intent to make another tool for the other controller. If that doesn't pan out, I could make it a hand (probably a glove), yes.

> Have you had a chance to look at Knockout Club?

I haven't - thanks for the suggestion! I'll take a look at their effects.

> I don't really know how you made me feel like I wasn't backpedalling to stay in the same play area "grid"

It's tightly tied to the level design and it can sometimes be a pain in the ass to get everything to fit together. ;) But it seems it's paying off in the experience it produces, which is why I'm spending all this time making this game. :)

> I wonder if there is some significant part of the audience who might find these places frustration or at least note them as a negative.

Me too. Things like that is part of why I'm trying to get early feedback. But I'd have to hear it from someone who do find these things frustrating, rather than us speculating about it. :)

Note to anyone else who might be reading: If you find any parts of the game too difficult, punishing or repetitive, please don't be shy to tell me!

> I don't know if you are still doing level design, but I wonder if there is some way in your gameplay mechanics to also make a greater use of blind corners and leaning.

I'd love if you could show me some situations in other games where this is used well so I can better understand what you mean. If there's any videos depicting it, that might be easier for me to get than a text description. If there were any "few and far between" situation in Eye of the Temple where this was present, where was that? :)

> I was in a 2.5m^2 play area and my only negative is that in some cases holding out the torch would reveal the chaperone walls.

Yep, the chaperone wall is super annoying to see in this game (but needed for safety!) but there's not much I can do about it that I can think of. :/

> Let me know if you would like more technical feedback

If you had any in mind then sure! But the feedback you provided was also super helpful. :)