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That was a really good run until the bad ending. To clarify, if you lose all 3 hearts after destroying the reactor it's always the bad ending. Generally I found the best reactor pattern is to go left, bottom, right, top, because the left and right vertical beams are slightly out of sync and you enter from the left so go there first. I'm sure there's an even better pattern though, without wasting time waiting on the sides.

I spent some time trying to optimize the reactor, and I wasn't able to find a better order, so that's what's in the record now. Also, today I found this amazing skip (will upload a better any% run with it soon):

Nice find! That's gotta be 10 or 15 secs saved.

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I also saw you damage boosting in other rooms. What you could try, because getting hit always knocks you in the opposite direction to the way you're facing (and up slightly), is right before turn away from the thing your going to hit or back into it while drilling, that way you effectively get knocked into the direction you were moving. Not sure how effective it can be in a speedrun but it's something to try.

Yep, that's a common speedrun technique. I try to do that, but it can be difficult sometimes.