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Dang that's really good! Nice job! The music is really solid, and the animations are really are quite excellent. It's very impressive you did all of this in such a short time.

I just replayed it, and learned that my cute little dog mount can bark to scare away the cats which I didn't find before... The bark text is funny, though you can't really see it with the black text on the dark background. It would've worked better with some white text. Always make sure to use contrasting colors so everything can be seen. This dog bark attack revealed a ton more polish to the game too... How the cats fall off the screen when hit, really excellent... And I'd especially like to call out how the traffic cones and hurdles and trash cans animate when hit to show that it registered but didn't knock it over. That's a really pro move, gives feedback to the user, nice little animation, gets more movement on-screen, good game feel. Great job with that.

However, that bark attack and the nice polish related to it belies something important: I didn't know that whole part of the game was there, and I didn't need it to beat the game the first time. It sucks when you part hard work into something, but no one ever finds it in your game because it's squirreled away and unobvious. It wasn't clear to me at all that I needed to use the mouse for the running bit, it seemed like a keyboard-only section. This can easily be fixed with a little text/icon pop-up that says to "Mouse Click to Bark" that goes away only after I click. But I'd recommend also making your mechanics required in gameplay in some respect. For example, there could've been a massive fat cat (just the same art scaled up would've been fine) that my doggo couldn't jump over, and required me to use the bark to progress. Make sure your work can't go unnoticed, especially when you do such a great job polishing it like that.