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Hello.. Could you tell me how you made maps for this? Like... which software and what the settings I need to set... 

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The maps are q1bsp made with trenchbroom and ericw's tools. Although the textures are external tga/png files, we still had to create .wad files to actually use them in the editor. There's some quirks for siege maps, custom entities and properties that quake 1 doesn't have, and I don't have the documentation for all that

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Well... Now I have a little problem... I don't know how to add the sky (model)... I usually just add sky with (gfx/env/sky_xy.tga)... 

skies are done with models, this allows for much more elaborate distant scenery with animated elements too. worldspawn has properties for them "skydome" and "skydetail", "models/nightsky.iqm" and "models/polarsky.iqm" are some skydomes and "models/aurora.iqm" is an example of a skydetail