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Seed = 3122993276762348631020
Middle Realms has crashed! Please create a ticket on the discord.
Include the error below along with a description and screenshot of what happened.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 24, in <module>
  File "", line 33, in handle_game_events
  File "", line 4178, in game_event_player_generate
  File "", line 11719, in scenario_generator_crashlander
  File "", line 7982, in entity_birth
  File "", line 8025, in entity_plane_add_to
  File "", line 5070, in plane_generate_layout
  File "", line 5123, in plane_generate_layout_as_planet
  File "", line 5563, in structure_generate
  File "", line 5715, in structure_generate_station_layout
  File "", line 989, in choice
  File "D:\obj\Windows-Release\37amd64_Release\msi_python\zip_amd64\", line 261, in choice
IndexError: Cannot choose from an empty sequence
Press [ENTER] key to exit!

Looks like it tried to generate a building that was too small lol, thank you