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Thanks for playing! Yeah, the tactics were a bit lacking, I know that, I tried to make it more interesting with the item choices and things like that, but it didn't change the battle tactics as well as I hoped... For the typos, I'm not saying that it isn't my fault, but English isn't my native language and Twine has no automatic typo-detector so yeah, that's the cause of the usual typos, I hope it wasn't to annoying. 

I hate myself for not adding audio but I only had like 15 minutes left at the end of the jam before I needed to go, and you can only use music on Twine if you copy a link to the mp3 to it, and well, at that time I didn't know how I would easily make a website and put all the sound files in there, but good, that's no excuse I should've done that earlier. 

Thanks for the feedback though! I'll play yours as well!