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Hi! I've been playing this and I am very impressed! I'm just wondering if there will be a full game for this? I like the dialogue and amount of interactability  there is in the game!

Currently I’m not working on this project. I like it too, but you can probably imagine why I felt it turned out to be overambitious. Revisiting it is tempting, but there are various technical/practical issues to working on this game—I can talk about that if you want, but it could get lengthy :p

Right now I’m focusing more on developing the unused ideas of this game as short stories. Cookies and Milk is a pretty direct sequel spinoff to this game, and while 2 Guys 1 Laptop is not as directly connected, it is also set in the same universe and has a similar visual style/mood. I’ve got a third spinoff in the works, just called “mystery project” for now, but I’m not sure that’s any good, so I’m not sure that’ll go anywhere :p

Oh yeah I totally understand. Developing something like this is definitely tough and takes a lot of work. I do wish you the best of luck with your other projects!