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Really nice game!

I enjoyed the simplicity of the models and textures very much, and the dialogue was adorably silly.

I was caught completely off guard because of final boss, but that was obviously because you ran out of time to finish it. The only thing that I would suggest working on would be the character's aim, because having to move a little bit towards the enemies so that your arrows would hit them proved to be a little tedious (especially if they somehow snuck up on you and were really close by the time you saw them).

All in all, with the little time you had, this a pretty awesome game! :D

Thanks! The aiming was really off. I programmed the game in a bit of a backwards way where I started with things like level management, dialogue system, persistency/saving. Only threw combat in half way through the jam and it just never got good. Usually I'd start with the combat and add all the other stuff later. But this time Alex and I wanted to make as much of an Ocarina of Time/Megaman Legends style game as we could in the short time frame. Which is why we ended up dividing the work the way we did, working on parts in an order that would least impede the others' work. It was really fun to do this, partially because I rarely get to work on those kinds of systems (the other part being I just want to make Zelda games). Mind you it really doesn't make sense (I think it annoyed Ian a lot). A lot of it felt like it was close to not getting used. Like why do a save system first if you never know if you're going to need it?

If we were to continue developing the game, I'd definitely throw out the combat system and start from scratch. Actually I was thinking about ditching it on the final day of the jam and making it more of a collect-a-thon/NPC talking fetch quest game. In the end though we rushed in the combat.

But at the end of the day, at least we now have a toolkit to make adventure games in Unity :)