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Looking through the comments I'm surprised by the number of people suggesting things to make the game easier. I believe the game is too easy as it stands (and I've heard no more updates so that's a shame too). If I don't mess around, I can build everything on night 3 to float to another place, though that feature wasn't actually added in. Grabbing some stone and wood on the first trip means you can get at least 1 farm built before going back down. Next trip you get a 2nd or 3rd farm and now you're basically set. Set up 4 guard towers around the base and equip everyone with rifles, then cannons after upgrade. Sure some food gets taken if you choose not to win until night 10+, but by that time you have so many farms you can harvest and overfill the base so that it has to draw food behind the day-bar and off the screen.
To people who post on these kinds of games asking for changes to make the game easier, I'd advise playing it a few times first... not sucking... and then decide if the suggestion should be made. The reason I ask this is because if some developer on another game actually takes one of these lousy suggestions seriously, it will ruin the game for everyone who isn't a 9-year-old girl. Thanks so much. :)

TRUTH! I also did not think the game was to easy, it was just right ;)

Just adjusted my strategy and can finish the game seconds before nighttime on day 1. Fastest run yet, but clearly not a game people should struggle with.
I am bummed that this game concept isn't going to be developed further. It had potential.