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Hey! Thank you for playing :) 

As explained in the tutorial, press X when you're next to a diamond shaped sprite. It's a checkpoint. When you die, you spawn back next to the fire camp (this is 100% normal, this is story-related), go back in the tunnel and you'll spawn right back at the checkpoint you activated :) 

It also works as save feature. If you want to play more another day, just press "Load" after launching the game! 

Aha, my fault, I never went back in to the tunnel - just assumed something wasn't working. I understand now.

Really enjoyed this game, I loved the music. Moving story, told through the mechanics and environment very well. 

Cool, unique double jump.

I guess I'd like to see a bit more aesthetic variance in the different areas, but it still works well as is.

Is the soundtrack available anywhere? (I'd totally pay for it.)

Hey, I'm glad you liked it ! 


The soundtrack is available for free on Youtube ! 

If you ever want to support my work, there's a button "Support this Game" just below the game window.

Have a nice day :)