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About batteries, i mean just standard place-able batteries.

This game reminds me PlantsVsZombies, and i expected mines analog. (Yes i know, sunflower - battery more intuitive, just talk about my impression)

And yes, overload, add new mmm sides to familiar game mechanic.

I take it back, fridges useful... My new best. (Trick just in placing fridges in front of big enemy wave to delay it and be quickly destroyed before overload with new row wave)

Oh wow, you just about beated my record of ~41k!! Haha, congrats! 

And about the placeable batteries, they can explode! Unless you mean that they explode when an enemy enters the base, in that case, no.

I'm really glad you enjoy the game. A mine analog is probably one of the next bits I want to add, as well as new enemies, so that the player is somewhat forced to adapt to new strategies. Also, right now the rythim of the game just keeps increasing, in the future I want to have a more complex difficulty curve without resorting to traditional waves like in PvZ (which btw, of course inspired this game, I just wanted a more frenetic experience, with less wait times)

Yes, i talk about explosion on crash or touch.

It's interesting, i will be watch for updates.

The force energy is with you...