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I test that code :

function TIC()
 if btn(0) then
 elseif btn(1) then

But the sound don't stop and there aren't difference with volume parameter.

Why ? (I use 0.15.0 dev version/same problem on 0.16.0)

Others problems detect on 0.16.0:

shortcuts Alt+1..5 don't work (but F1...5 work fine ;) )

You are playing sfx on channel 2 and stoping it on 0

try to call instead


Thanks, but the volume still not working argument. (even if I don't care for my current project ;) )

yes, channel #2 has triangle waveform by default and the wave has no volume control. It plays sound only if volume > 0 and silence otherwise, all other waves have volume control.

shortcuts Alt+1..5 work only with left ALT because right ALT reserved for AZERTY keyboards

Yes, left ALT+1...5 don't work on 0.16.0, they worked on 0.15.0.

Hmm, works on my side. Ok maybe a bug, what keyboard type (QWERTY/AZERTY) and system do you use?

AZERTY, Linux Ubuntu 64bit, TIC 0.16.0 64bit

I added AZERTY support in 0.16.0 and I think it's the reason why ALT+1..5 doesn't work for you.