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This is a really cool game but could you add a cross hair for motion sickness and I had a few problems with the menues (I couldn't turn down sensetivity and at the end I couldn't input my email). Other then that this is graphically amazing, fun and impressive for a solo developer.

p.S. my emails: for when that next demo comes out

Thank you very much! I will definitely add a crosshair option. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Did you get motion sickness because of the head bobbing?

I don't know if the sensetivity is normally as high as what it was for me (even the slightest of movement would spin the camara really quickly), but just the constant and rapid movement even when just walking around made it hard.

I watched someone elses playthrough and their sensetivity seemed nice and fluid so it must have just been a bug for me being so high, hopefully that gets ironed out because I really enjoyed the demo (except the sickness enducing 360's)