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Awesome all around! Hard but the perfect level of challenge. A few suggestions:

1. For those of us who speed through the dialogue without reading, I appreciate the characters giving a summary of what to do next when you re-talk to them. The only problem was re-talking to the blonde girl, who simply says "I'm on my way!". I did not know that she wanted me to go to the statue :P

2. Archers shoot a bit too fast when you move into their kill radius. I would have a slightly longer delay so that you can jump next to one to attack it without immediately getting hurt. All other enemies seemed fair.

3. Bonfires could stick-out a little more, since they are hard to see and I missed a few.

All in all, great work. Looking forward to more items, weapons, and enemies.

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! :) I am happy you like the game. The good news is I am in progress of redesigning the core mechanics of the game and I will do my best to take your comments into consideration!

Due to game engine limitation I decided to migrate all the project to Unity. This will take much more time but at the end give much better results! :)