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This one is fun (though it doesn't have a crafting element that I could find). I'm not sure if there was a win screen but I did defeat the boss and all the enemies. The space bar to shoot made it awkward to rapidly shoot since I couldn't control movement and aiming all at the same time, and I couldn't forfeit movement since any hits kill you. I would recommend including the option to use the mouse button to fire as it would feel like the shooting would relate to the mouse more than the keyboard as it is right now.

As for a first time game, this isn't bad. Tbh it controls better than mine did. It was a space shooter too, but you out did it with the enemies, more space in the environment, even more awkward shooting, it was its own mess. So kudos to you for doing a great space game!

I hope to see you soar past the stars! 


Thanks for the feedback in the original copy I did actually have the mouse button as shoot but was having problem as whenever you would click it would exit the game browser and the player would stop moving it was annoying and there was a win screen not a good but still one lol

Thank for playing it means a lot