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I think I found a bug basicly whenever I have a threesome and fuck them in turns it say that I have undersized penis when my character have a big one but if i fuck them the ass it doesnt say anything.

There is currently an issue with the way the game reads multiple partners. It displaying that twice is because it reads and displays all members of the giver/taker groups together. What that would actually mean is that Maple's vagina would be 2 sizes larger than your penis and Chloe's would be 3. Asses are sized differently than vaginas, so that would explain the difference with that. I'm assuming one has a Huge vagina and one has Loose. Is that accurate?

It may be misreading and calculating both together, though I haven't seen that happen in my experience.

If I have sex with them differently there is no problem and as of the actual sizes chloe's was tight and maple's was tiny. (and when i still kept going it said that their vagina started to bleed)

That’s good to know. Yeah, I’ll have to look into that after this update