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Oh my gosh, this is truly up my alley in every possible way. I love how good the writing was to really establish the world right off the bat in such an immersive way, all of the monster designs were honestly top tier, the routes were all so compelling in their own ways and you bet i cried for like half an hour at the end of each route (ESPECIALLY Yiestol). Thank you so much for filling this niche that was sorely, sorely needed and for doing it in such a fantastic, enjoyable, and fun way!  

(also the Boss mentioning his partners made my little polyamorous heart warm and fuzzy) 


Thank you so, so much for this kind review -- it's so wonderful that you enjoyed our game, and we're so grateful for your kind praise! If we could fill a niche and do justice to this sort of subject matter, we couldn't ask for anything better!

And we're very glad that the Boss's love life could speak to something personal for you. We really hoped to reflect the importance and sincerity of all kinds of relationships within our story. c: