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Well I've remade the entire game from scratch so there won't be any bugs from the original game, but I'm hoping to find and fix all of the issues that are in it right now (that's why it's taking so long to make haha) but don't worry, I'll be supporting the game for a while after it's released so I will release new builds which contain bug fixes and extra features!

The original is badly designed so it's kinda difficult haha but here's a brief guide for the original Lady Ice: 
I would recommend circling the room while Lady Ice's spell is active and if you hear her running, make sure to always move away from her! You have to survive until the storm passes which is about three spells I think?

I will definitely make a guide for Lady Ice: REDUX! But only when I've finished making it ;)

Cheers for the translation offer! I only have plans for an English and Japanese build but if I get enough demand for a RUS or UKR build then I'll keep you in mind!

One question, how long should you survive to beat the original lady ice?

It’s not too long, I think maybe just over 5 minutes?