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That was super nice ( ᵔᵕᵔ )

It's funny because I read the description before playing, and I saw it had a happy ending, and then I was in the game, reading the story and I forgot all about that and I was like "THIS BETTER END WELL" because they are so cute and I didn't want it to end in a sad way ^^' So I finished reading it with a big smile :) And I really think all the parts really play well together, the art style and the music (only "meh" thing is the text font, it breaks things a bit that it doesn't follow the pages shape... handwriting would have been awesome /o/).

Thank you for this quiet and nice game :)

Waow thanks a lot !! I'm super glad you appreciated playing it ! c: 
The handwriting is a very good idea I'll definitely keep the idea in mind when I'll continue working on it with the "playable" part !

Thanks to you !! :D