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i downloaded 1st version and my issue might add to the topic, i restrained myself from leaving less positive comment, but i think it might be better for future updates.

 my major issue is:

 you simply have too many folders and most of them are useless or having only few images

i would like it to be like this:

 > portraits > female > race > all portraits for that race.jpg

Bodies > female > race > all bodys for that race.jpg

that way random portrait mod could rl be random with your portraitpack not just scoping thru to find 1 of 2 girls who are classified as ord/human female

basicly your modpack look like slighty edited mix of packs in your list, that would be good if not all this leftovers

i have no idea if game can find Dark elves in your modpack, but dont have one to test it for now - others packs have this issue folder with dark elves have wrong name

There shouldnt be a problem with finding any dark elf files, in my current save I have 2 of them and there was no issue when finding a body and portrait