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Hello, this is an amazing game idea :-)

  • Being able to build ski lifts through the houses seems a little strange...
  • Have a campaign mode where certain criteria need to be met? (e.g. 1 of each type of run).
  • Special events (after x hours of play e.g. local music festival, global racing event, winter olympics...) reward for successful , campaign game-end if unsuccessful...
  • Sandbox mode with procedural generation.
  • Incorporate procedural generation with a campaign mode.
  • Upgradable houses (increase capacity of resort)
  • Difficulty setting ?
  • Additional buildings (snowpark, alpine cafe, restaurant, ski-rescue, helipad {heli skiing, emergency evac.}
  • Disasters (avalanches, lift-breakdowns, skier falls)
  • Accurate mapping of existing global ski resorts?

Looking forward to purchasing a full release :-D

Hi! Thanks for the feedback :) Definitely considering all your suggestions.