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I can't wait for this game to come out, the puzzles and the polaroid very well, the black shadows can be illuminated with the camera, I invite you, and everyone to subscribe to my "placebogamer" channel link: Thank you very much to all those who are subscribing and supporting me, I am very grateful ...

Thank you so much! The early access is coming to steam soon! Stay tuned !

I hope you put some touches of 80s VHS

It will suit the atmosphere of the game very 👌

We have some old fashioned technology to play with!


Hi, is there anything coming soon! I played the demo twice and looks awesome

Hello there! if you join our patreon, you'll get access to a sort of private "early access" the next week! It won't be public as the demo. The game will be out later this year! We are super excited 

Can I join you now in patreon to i get it early access  ?