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At first, the art caught my eyes, it looks very elegant and unique compares to other games recently so I decided to try the demo out and I'm glad I did.

Everything looks great (the art, the GUI, etc) and the music is very pleasant. I like that we gotta choose the character's background, and the approval system, reminds me of Dragon Age series. The idea of having someone soul in mine is also a plus, it's like having a bestie you know, to gossip and have girls's talks about guys, Lionel is not an option since he's also a LI, sorry mate.  XD There's not much I can say about the story or the heroine since this demo is too short but the writing seems decent to me. I hope she's a smart and funny person, in other words, has personality,  'cause there's nothing more frustrating than playing an MC that's nothing more than a pretty doll.

Overall, I love it so far, looking forward to the extended demo with all the LIs. :) I tried my best to express my opinions in words, hope I didn't fuck up my English too much, it's not my first language. XD


Thank so much for your comment, we are glad you like it (and your english was perfectly understandable) ! We also love Dragon Age, and we were really inspired by it so you should not worry about MC personality, the player is the one deciding if she is serious, if she likes to joke or if she is more like "I don't care". We look forward to release the update of the demo, and the extended version ! 

Have a lovely day, thanks for your support ! <3